A Little History Behind Our Company

What We Can Do For You

  • Brand Strengthening
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Decision Making
  • Internet Marketing
  • Small Business Planning
  • Direction
  • Public Relations
  • Increase Profit Margin
  • Jan Sampark


The words, “Send me a proposal” are music to many consultants’ ears. Even though they might not really enjoy writing proposals, most consultants jump at the chance because they believe that exciting, lucrative work might be right around the corner. The invitation to write a proposal is a milestone in the sales cycle—an opportunity to get one step closer.

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Humble Beginnings

Our clients tell us that they value our ability to provide real-world, practical advice on the difficult business issues they face everyday; they like our straight talk and objectivity. Our clients appreciate our experience and ability to collaborate closely with them on the implementation of our recommendations.

Most importantly, our clients say they are delighted with the improved business results they achieve and that working with us can be fun.

 We have experiences that include partnering with business management to provide resolution of human resources issues and contributing to large-scale change initiatives requiring expertise in acquisitions, reorganizations, reward systems, and talent management. We have the ability to effectively dissect issues in order to isolate previously undetected root causes of problems.


Late. Mithilesh kumar singh  
Founder (MBA, 15+ years of experiance)

Abhay kumar singh                                                 Founder and Head- Business & Brand Development (MS,12+years experiance)

Reena singh                                                                  Co-Founder and Head - Integrated Corporate Practice (MBA , 8+ years of experiance)

Niraj kumar                                                                       GM Strategy                                                                   B-tech(Mechanical Engineering)

Himanshu                                                                            Sr. Associate Creative Director
(AMIIM,13+ years of experiance)

GM- Consumer Practice                                           (Arts graduate,9+years of experiance)

Deo prakash singh                                                     GM-Direction                                                                (PG in science,10+ years experiance)

Nilu                                                                                     Sr. Creative Group Head

Ajit kumar                                                                   Business Analyst - SME And Startup practice  BE(production engineering)


Meet Some of the Team

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Late .Mithilesh kumar singh Founder

A Post-graduate of IIPM(D) ’09 ; Singh has experience in building and growing brands across India. Our toughest critic, He believes that organizations with prima donna personalities are never scaleable.

All our attitude is in our work and not necessarily in our personalities.

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Reena Singh

Co-founder and Head

A Post graduate of SBS(P) ’09,  Mrs Singh. has wide knowledge of engineering practices and expert in Value engineering, design and manufacturing savings, brand thinking and brand visualization.