A brand in its essence is more than just an attractive Logo, a catchy tagline or other cool associated imagery.

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A brand generates good relationships, solidifies reputation, suggests specific activities, encourages expectations, and delivers a promise. A brand smacks of consistency, promotes your vision and portrays a sense of uniqueness or leadership at some level. A brand should be a resounding affirmation of the company (and its people’s) identity and personality and everything these stand for; as well as a reflection of the owner and client perspective of the owner. The brand as a dynamic entity should send out a compelling message that will create immediate affinity and intensify the unique bond the unique between the company, its people and all its stakeholders.

So whether you run a large or smaller business, or one man show for that matter, there is an image it portrays that should be distinct and a reflection of its active existence and deserved place in the market. The visual expression of your business, as you choose it to be, is your Brand Image. Love it. Respect it. Live it.

Brand creation

Whether launching a new category such as Mortgage Guarantee for an international consortium or a new brand of Noodles, the SDS team deeply immerses in contextual culture to determine the brand core and the brand seed. The brand creation process employs semiotics extensively to build organic brands that work in the local context – be it in India or for international markets.

Brand Rejuvention

Every brand has a life cycle and suffers fatigue, especially in an ever-changing market where consumers have a wide array of options to make a choice. To thrive in such a competitive ecosystem, a company must reinvent itself even more frequently without losing relevance. We assist our clients in refreshing their brands without losing the essence of the brand. Employing our methodology 'Living Brands', we identify brand assets that need to be anchored and the ones that can be dropped. We also help facilitate acquisitions and mergers of brands through harmonization exercises done both locally and globally.

Brand Architecture

A robust brand architecture not only helps in determining the core and the personality of all brands, but it also helps in building a strong family where mother brands give strength to child brands and hero child brands give back to mother brands.

We define principles of architecture and then implement them through nomenclature systems, visual language and overall design manifestation.

Over the years, SDS has successfully guided brands in creating brand architecture.

Integrated Corporate Practice

We work with our clients to undertake intensive diagnostics on brand issues to create brand strategy from the bottom up – to craft vision, mission, values, culture and personality and the outward brand manifestation system.

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Logo is a key ingredient of the corporate identity which defines a brand in the consumer's mind. It is the visible symbol of a company, product or service. We always point out to our prospective clients that Corporate Identity should never be a cosmetic exercise. It has to represent the values, belief systems, brand promise and the personality of the organization. It is the visible tip of an iceberg that has a huge foundation below. The CI systems developed by SDS align with the
organizational vision and values and is a thread that binds the communication internally and externally.


SDS has considerable expertise in valuation of brands and can help you value yours. We follow a scientific approach by identifying the key differentiators of your brand – the factors that enable your brand to enjoy sustained consumer pull resulting in higher volume or pricing or both. Each causal factor is quantified by our experts and then that is incorporated in the valuation process