Business Model Design and Innovation

We help companies see beyond the creation of new products and services to envision entirely new growth businesses. This requires a new level of thinking—systems thinking. Since every new business is a unique set of components, every piece of the business must be designed to gear together.

Meeting the business model challenge

When so many companies want the new growth that business model innovation can bring, why can so few pull it off? What makes achieving transformational growth through business model innovation so difficult? Our clients come to us to aid them in identifying the limitations in their own business model. In turn, we help envision the opportunities that could be realized with a fresh approach.

What we offer

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Setting Goals and Bounds

Setting constraints can be liberating. Knowing a company's goals (what it wants to do) and boundaries (what it won't do) can more sharply focus creative efforts. We guide senior management through a structured approach to determine what is "desirable," "discussable," and "unthinkable" around each of the core elements of a growth strategy, focusing on key vectors such as distribution channels and revenue sources.

Business Model Innovation

We hold structured sessions for designing new businesses. This includes a comprehensive blueprint for a business model, including the profit formula, the customer value proposition, and all the necessary resources and processes to deliver that value. We envision a range of models and prioritize choices based on company goals and bounds.