Our Clients

Typically we engage with clients in the following situations:


  • We transform your ideas into a solid blueprint for success: From strategy to business plan, market positioning and marketing execution, we’ll ensure your first launch will equal the power of your idea.
  • If you want marketing execution only, we can create a complete corporate identity package: Logo, style guides, templates and guidelines, to differentiate and present your brand consistently; online and in print.

Small to midsize companies:

  • We offer services to validate and recommend actions to grow your business unit or product line through product, customer and market assessments, market and competitive research and customer experience workshops.
  • We can help you jumpstart new marketing programs, review team structure and effectiveness, working virtually or on site with your internal teams to develop benchmarks and ROI reports for you.
  • We transition you from simple marketing collateral to more complex marketing materials, media, presentations and events that match your customers’ expectations, engage your audience and help you identify and win your clients.


  • We can help you create umbrella strategies for your organization, increase membership and donor outreach, structure community programs and increase program recognition.

Large Corporations and divisions:

  • SDS works with product teams to develop strategies, create benchmarks and interpret customer needs to leverage business objectives, develop new markets, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • We also provide complete specialized outsourced marketing services for corporations.

Industry Focus

We work with B2B and B2C clients over a wide spectrum of businesses: from retail and wholesale to distribution and manufacturing.

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"A successful business equation entails a great sales and marketing team combined with a great deal of innovation.”

Service Engagements

There are many ways to engage with us. We are flexible in our approach and experienced in finding the right venue to match your needs. Here are some examples:

  • Short term projects — Conducting research on specific topics, competitive products, customer research and assessments, creating and implementing new programs and developing marketing materials
  • Outsourced, long term projects or project management — Brand and business unit strategies, defining products and customer experience are long term engagements. Developing and managing regional, national or international marketing projects typically require long term contracts. Other long term engagements may include special event planning, on-going social media communication, PPC advertising management, or website management.
  • Hands-on or virtual management — We can work with your department to grow and focus internal activities, such as product line management, channel management, managing the marketing and creative staff to sharpen the message, create new customer engagement, improve visuals or implement new marketing venues.

Typical Process

  • Introduction and Project Definition — After an initial conversation to see if we are a good match, we’ll define goals and objectives together in order to prepare a proposal. Depending on the complexity of the service, this could include an on-site management session, or just a phone conversation with you. We’ll use well established, best in class processes to establish goals. We’ll discuss how you want us to work with you and touch on how this work will affect you, and we’ define the resources we will need from you. This is not a static process — we know — and we will continue to hone in on your project’s specific nuances as we progress.
  • Proposal review — At this phase, we’ll draw up a proposal that includes costs, deliverables and timelines that we can review and revise together to make sure we meet your objectives. Long term projects are usually based on a phased approach, or an hourly basis.
  • Getting to work
    • Discovery phase — We’ll learn all about you, your customers and competitors, your goals and objectives. We’ll require as much background as possible and often like to talk to your customers directly to get a good sense of who you are. Depending on the project, we may set up a communication portal to help us stay in touch, store information and facilitate group interaction.
    • Working phase — Focused around deliverables – always subject to your input, we will work on the deliverables and milestones we agreed upon together and work towards the successful completion of our projects.
  • Adjustment — Throughout the process, we continue to assess and adjust the work, process and goals to make sure we stay on track with your project and integrate new ideas that have arisen.

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