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Get Going With SDS Setting Up Every Phone As A Campaign Office In Your Constituency!

Voice is the heart and soul of powerful speeches. For politicians, it is a vital element for mass communication with public. They are shouldered with the responsibility of achieving increase voting percentage through a powerful impact on voters for the betterment of the country. Assurance to stick onto these responsibilities can now be voiced with our Political Cloud Telephony.

SDS replaces the reluctance of appointment setting through clichéd process by the advanced technique of virtual appointment diary.This will help you in influencing large number of people through powerful speeches arranged in coordinated party meetings to increase voting percentage.

Jan sampark is an election campaign promotion tool placing an impeccable impact on voters through your powerful speeches and coordinated party meetings. It allows you to have communication with the masses which will favor the delivery of your powerful speeches with the increase voting percentage.


Who can use

Jan sampark, is a call centre and Human branding for political parties, MPs, MLAs, social activists, party president and ministersproviding political telephony solution beneficial in the form of a election campaigning promotion tool. Politicians active at local, district, state and national level can make an optimum use of Jansamwaad to be in touch with the voters and common people.


Multiple Call Handling (Customized Channels) connect with the masses through your Jansamwaad   number and interact with “n” no. of people at the same time

Candidate Achievements- Share the information about the important developmental activities done till date to the masses

Vision /Messages for Masses by Candidate & Party

Karyakarta/Volunteer/Party Worker Helpline (Offline & Responsive )

Candidates powerful speeches on sensitive issues  or other speeches till date to the masses

Candidate’s Party  Achievements- Share the information about the important developmental activities done by Party till date to the masses

TOUR Diary- Share with your volunteers ,workers & masses your election campaign schedule

Testimony- To share with the public about the testimony of the citizen, whose grievances were solved by you

Multi Language- To reach the masses in the language of their choice

Database Call Report (Systematic report viaWeb interface) via SMS and email

Updates about Current Political Issues- It makes people aware about the issues which a politician has taken up in Parliament or Legislative assembly or council in the recent sessions

Virtual Appointment Diary- It lets people know about your daily appointments through this hotline facility

Tele-Polling- Through this facility a question answerable in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ format is put up to people and you can go ahead with the option gaining maximum votes

Check the Complaint’s Status- You can keep a check and control on all people queries and complaints, without giving away you personal number

Stay Connected 24 X 7- By just dialing a given hotline number people can know about you anytime and from anywhere

Outbound Dialing Facility- You can record promotional speech in your own voice which will be delivered to a large number of people through their telephone lines like mobiles or land-lines

Data Storage- A record of the caller, calling time and call duration is maintained through your custom made call center


  • Single Number


  • Fully Automated


  • Multi Language Support


  • 24*7*365 Active


  • Unlimited Calls Traffic


  • Concurrent Calls Traffic


  • Register Complaints


  • Campaign Alerts


  • Great Advertising Gizmo


  • Bulk Messaging