What We Offer

     Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy is a heart of business strategy and plays a crucial role in growth of any company. Marketing strategy determines what should be offered to whom, how to present them, at what price and how to reach and attract them more effectively to achieve overall marketing goals.

    Brand Strengthening

Every brand has a life cycle and suffers fatigue, especially in an ever-changing market where consumers have a wide array of options to make a choice. To thrive in such a competitive ecosystem, a company must reinvent itself even more frequently without losing relevance

 Small Business Planning

A different kind of business need a different kind of marketing. Engage Your Customers, Energize Your Staff  And increase your revenue.

plan shows how you will get from here to there

            Jan Sampark

Jan sampark, is a call centre and Human branding for political parties, MPs, MLAs, social activists, party president and ministers providing political cloud telephony solution beneficial in the form of a election campaigning promotion tool.

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Very often, an outside perspective brings in different alternatives hitherto not thought of. As external consultants, we look at a client’s business from the macroperspective and suggest tools that can be implemented at the micro level.We assess and suggest appropriate contemporary competitive HR systems and initiatives, that help to reach your long term objectives. We also hand hold key employees and coach them in successful implementation

Our Clients are partners in our success... as we are in theirs

Our commitment to our clients is always long term. Our principle drive is to professionally build empathy driven synergetic associations with our clients such that we survive as an integral part of their processes and
blend ourselves to their needs and culture.