What We Offer as a Company

What We Offer

  • Brand Strengthening
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Decision Making
  • Internet Marketing
  • Small Business Planning
  • Direction
  • Public Relations
  • Increase Profit Margin
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24/7 Support

We off some of the best 24/7/365 support for all of our services that can be found any where. I'm sure your already asking yourself, 365 days a year?! So does that mean you work on holidays?" Yes it does, rain, snow, sleet or holiday doesn't mean anything to us, we will be there for you!


" The only complaint that I could possibly have about this company is that I wasted so much of my time trying to get ahead before I went to them for help! Since I have let them take control of my marketing strategies my company has tripled its profit margin, double the amount of employees and gone global!"

Reena singh

Marketing Strategies

Don't waste your time standing on the street corner shouting out to people what your business is all about to people, we are here to help you out with that. We can show you all the latest marketing trends and how effective they will be for your businesses specific niche. After all, there is no need to waste money on running ads on the radio if it's not needed.

We have a tried and tested three-step process, built around this knowledge, enriched by creative tools designed to spark original ideas and new perspectives.


Step 1 Discover

We bring inquiring minds to a project, putting clients, products and target audiences under the microscope until we find an insight that lifts a brand out of the ordinary and gives it a new story to tell.

Step 2 Design

Visual appeal alone is not enough (although it’s certainly a good start). We have to look how to bring a brand vividly to life, using our vision to inspire everyone charged with building the brand holistically.

Step 3 Delivery

We’ve cracked the thinking and the design, now to make it happen - on schedule and to a budget. We’re sticklers for precision and oversee every stage of production to ensure nothing is lost between the vision and reality, that everything is fully detailed, and that profits will be made.


Business Models

If you already have a small business idea but you want to run your ideas by some on that is already successful we can and will assist you with that. We have already helped a numerous amount of businesses start up and are proud to say that they are all still going strong and still growing. You're company could and should be the next in line for growth!

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Digital Marketing

We are specially trained and certified experts providing Digital Marketing strategies to help you take your business to the next level. Delivering a return on your investment is just what we do.

The Internet and digital media have drastically altered the face of traditional marketing, and SDS continues to remain at the forefront of this movement.